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Pastor Rob talks about the Bible's teachings on judgement, and why we often have an incorrect perception of what that even is.

Today Pastor Rob talks about what the bible says about finance and what we get wrong when it comes to it.

This week, we dive in to what the Word has to say about God's presence in the form of the Holy Spirit, and why it's so important that we make sure that what we read is taken into c...

Easter Sunday 4/12/2020

Every year, we celebrate the fulfillment of Scripture in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Celebrate with us as Rob gives a sermon to bolster the spirit of the believer as we celeb...

The Triumphal Entry

Rob talks about the day where Jesus arrives in Jerusalem, knowing He must be crucified for the world's sins.

Do Not Be Anxious

In this time of uncertainty, the reaction to be fearful is hard to fight. But the Bible speaks a lot about the nature of God's peace in the midst of turmoil. Today Rob helps us fin...

A Picture of the Church

As we continue to connect with one another through these difficult times, Pastor Rob brings us a message of hope despite the virus and everything happening around us: we are the ch...

Be the Salt

In times of trouble, Jesus calls us to be the salt and light that encourages the world despite the fear. Today Pastor Rob gives us some examples of how to do that through scripture...

Rob talks about how we often fall short in our pursuit of God's holiness because we prefer to be comfortable.

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