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Peter denied knowing Jesus but was redeemed after his failure.

Peter had highs and lows—sometimes all at once! One of those times, he confesses Jesus as the Christ and then is rebuked by Jesus because of his lack of understanding.

Peter was an unlikely person to follow Jesus. He was rough, passionate, and ill-tempered; however, God chose him to be a leader in the church.

Resurrection Sunday!!

Through the resurrection of Christ, we have a living hope, that sustains and strengthens the believer in all circumstances.

Lent - The Light

When we repent of our sin, God does not delay providing us with the mercy and forgiveness we so desperately need.

Lent - The Darkness

During this season of preparation for Easter, we need to take seriously how seriously God takes sin

Lent: He Hears

In the face of our sin and problems of life, we are helpless. But God pays attention to his creation, hears our cries, and has promised through Christ to deliver us.

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