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What's Next - Now What?

Pastor Rob talks about the ways that we can Get Involved as people of God.

What's Next - Meet Jesus

In this series, Rob talks about what steps are necessary to spiritual growth, beginning with the basics.

The Miracle of the Manger

Rob talks about the manner of Jesus' arrival in opening the way for all men to come to Him

Think about your least favorite movie; if given the chance, you'd do it better right? Well when God saw the mess we'd made of the world, he decided he's make it better by sending H...

Pastor Rob talks about the miraculous message of salvation.

Pastor Rob talks about the miraculous timing of God when it comes to the arrival of Jesus.

Give Thanks

Rob talks about giving thanks in both the calm and the storm.

Pastor Rob talks about the nature of grace changing the way we live.

This week, we walk along as the Apostle Paul challenges the Galatians (and us) to surrender to Holy Spirit as he seeks to transform them (and us).

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