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This four-week series teaches us to love the things that God loves. Through the words of the prophet Malachi, we learn God’s love for his people, his name, his covenant, and his me...

Each of us has a story, woven into the fabric of God's grander story. This week, we hope you will be blessed as one of our members shares hers.

In the fourth and final week of our series, How to Study the Bible, Rob touches on the importance of prayer in our daily walk with Jesus in regard to how we understand the Bible.

Welcome to the 3rd in our 4 part series. This week, we talk about bridging the gap between God's eternal truth, and applying it to our present lives.

The second in our series: Things to consider when studying the Bible if we want to properly OBSERVE what it is teaching.

This is the first in a four week series intended to give us the tools & perspective to study God's word.

This week, Pastor Rob walks through Psalm 73 and the stark difference in the call God has on our lives from where we might go on our own.

Though there are many Godly reasons why he might seem silent, there are also human reasons: like our own unresolved sins. 

There is something powerful about having a God that understands what feeling abandoned is like...and that desires his people not feel that way.

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