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Pastor Rob talks about the freedom that grace gives, and how our fears can hold us back from that freedom.

This week, we delve into the relationship between law & grace. Hint: One matters more than the other.

Pastor Rob talks about the importance of accepting god's grace for redemption, and how we sometimes rob ourselves of peace by holding on to our past sins.

The first week of our study of Grace in Paul's letter to the Galatians.  Pastor Rob reminds us how quickly a message - even one as important as the Gospel - can lose it's intended...

Tray Huntsman shares his story of faith through trials.

Pastor Rob talks about how to fix our relationship with God through repentance.

Sometimes we apologize because we truly regret what we did, and sometimes we apologize because we were caught. Pastor Rob talks about how our sincere apolgies to God matter.

Rob talks about the charges God laid against his people, and today's world, when it comes to their unfaithfulness towards him and how they were complacent in being submitted to Him...

Every relationship has a beginning, but what about when the honeymoon is over   In this series Rob talks about how to avoid spiritual infidelity and promiscuity through the exampl...

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