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Purpose in Mission

Is it ALL futile? Are we just spinning our wheels, a waste of our time here on earth? Rob explains how everything comes together when God gets involved.


This one-off sermon will focus on Romans 14 & 15, as Paul challenges the people of God to live in such a way that others are built up.

God has sent Jesus as his messenger to reveal God’s great salvation for his people once and for all.

God loves his covenant with his people, and believers are called to reflect this

God desires for his people to express their adoration and devotion to him in the appropriate and fitting ways that he has prescribed.

This four-week series teaches us to love the things that God loves. Through the words of the prophet Malachi, we learn God’s love for his people, his name, his covenant, and his me...

Each of us has a story, woven into the fabric of God's grander story. This week, we hope you will be blessed as one of our members shares hers.

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