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There is no doubt that Christ left this earth with one main message: tell and teach others.

The church in Acts had to completely revolutionize their way of thinking and widen the scope to allow “all” in their gospel message.

Being neighborly means reaching beyond ourselves and into the lives of those who need help.

From the creation of humankind, God established a precedent for the dignity and value of all people: it is found in humanity’s unique connection to God.

If Jesus is the Main Thing, then there is an urgency to our faith.

While some Christians are content with pretending to have religion, those who seek after Christ will naturally have the purest religion there is.

Seeking the kingdom of Christ and his righteousness means seeking true righteousness and making Christ the King of our lives.

Keeping Christ as the main thing means we should not worry about our daily needs.

The best part about waiting is when the waiting is over and the big event has arrived. That’s when you celebrate!

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